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Welcome to a new addition to the www.StarWarsHelmets.com universe, this site dedicated to helmets and costumes from the Sci-Fi movie universe including the Alien Movies, Dr Who, Predator and Terminator movies. Like our sister site this is a showcase of the very best out there, Original, Licensed and Fan-made. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT MANUFACTURE OR SELL HELMETS, PROPS OR ARMOR, THIS IS AN ARCHIVE ONLY

10th December 2006 - Mixed update including a close-up look at Sideshows Life-size Terminator 2 and some more from Dr Who including Review/Comparison of MFX's Clockwork mask, a review of the old "Revenge" style Cyberman helmet, and the start of what will hopefully be a huge Dalek section.

Previous Updates: 30th November 2006 - Big and exciting Dr Who update. Last weekend I was invited by Neill Gorton to visit Millennium FX, producers of many of the Dr Who creatures and prosthetics where I was able to get a hands-on look of their excellent work including original Cybermen, Oood and clockwork robots. So click here for a look around the Dr Who Creature Workshop. In addition I've also concluded a SIDE BY SIDE comparison of the new MFX replica with the original counterpart, and also a MFX Helmet Mod Tutorial on how to turn your replica Cyberman into a wearable piece like the screen-used helmets. Also a detailed look at the Original Cyberman Armour. Either click on the links on just check out the Dr Who Sub-Menu for all the options.

16th November - Well www.StarWarsHelmets.com has grown and grown and we've therefore decided to split the non-SW Helmets onto a new site - and here we are! www.MovieHelmets.com (domain may not be working yet, but its secured) will concentrate on helmets and costumes from a variety of movies and TV Shows. We're starting off with the first (I think) review of the new Millennium FX Cyberman Helmet from Dr Who. So go check this out and have a good look around the other sections of the site including Alien, Terminator and Predator. Keep checking back as there'll be lots added! 17/18th November - Just added "8th Passenger" to A L I E N section and Cyberman update including some new shots.!

Important Notice! - The copyright of the photo's in this site belong to either me or the helmet owners who have graciously allowed me to display them here. DO NOT copy images from this site for auctions or further web display without first gaining consent! If you want to link an image from here to another forum thats fine, but please just credit www.MovieHelmets.com

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