Sideshow Collectibles

Aliens Warrior Bust (1:1 Scale)

Sideshow have the license to produce a number of 1:1 scale collectables, although not wearable helmets for licensing reasons. Sideshow has built up a strong reputation for producing some excellent sci-fi 1:1 scale products. I visited their stand at Comic Con in San Diego July 2006 and was very impressed with a number of products they had on show. Taking to their representatives it looks like its going to be an exciting time for Sci-Fi fans!

Sideshow have just started to ship this little beauty. Its a bust (resin/fiberglass) from James Cameron's Aliens movie, produced in association with Stan Winston Studio's, who did the creature work on the original film

I suppose to some extent it could be considered an idealised version of the creature, since in Aliens the Aliens themselves were finished quite roughly, and were painted in browns and golds (and then just mainly the highlights). However imo this looks absolutely superb. I managed to get my hands on one at a recent show and in real life its even better!

Its not on sale from Sideshow, priced at $1,000 shipped anywhere in the World. Certainly there are a number of people outside the United States who are very happy with Sideshow's excellent shipping policy. Although note you most likely WILL be charged any local duty/import taxes (which in the UK works out at around a 20% premium) but to be fair that's not Sideshow's fault and they should be applauded for a great attitude to World-wide collectors.

Irrespective of that Sideshow should be applauded for this policy, and also for producing such an excellent collectable. The finish looks superb and  the jaw area, including the chrome-look team mouth-wateringly good.

The cut-off where the arms looks a little strange, and imo it might have been improved by them continuing with the Alien texture rather than a straight "cut". However this is a minor gripe - overall it really is a fantastic piece of work

More pics of the production pieces when this starts to ship in Q2 2006. in the meanwhile here are some shots I took at the Sideshow Collectibles stand at Comic Con in San Diego in July '06.

Like all the Sideshow busts it weighs a ton! The paintwork on it is superb as the glossy finish has given it quite a slippery, wet look.

Its a big beast and will take up a lot of desk space, whatever size prop room you put it in he's going to dominate proceedings. These should start shipping September/October but I pity the postman who's going to have to carry it.

The teeth look  awesome, and appear to have been chromed and not painted making them look like solid metal. I like the way they've done the outer lips and tendons which again look like they're dripping wet.