Sideshow Collectibles

Predator Bio Bust

Not sure if its called a Bio Bust but thought it a rather neat name (unless the Bio part is the helmet in which case chalk me down for another gaff). Anyway, this is the next thing I need to add to my collection (sorry, shouldn't use the word need, its a prop thing).

The bust was originally produced a couple of years back but its still available. They regularly come up on ebay, on both sides of the Atmantic.

I love the sculpt, they've caught him mid-snarl

Again I think this bust was done in association with Stan Winston Studio's. These photos were taken under flash lighting at Comic Con last month, and even though it washes out the image you can still see the excellent level of  detail.

Below a couple of detail shots from Sideshow showing the skin textures, hairs

....and of course those lovely teeth!