Sideshow Collectibles

 T3 - Terminatrix Endoskull


In 2003 Sideshow produced the Terminatrix head, which many people (myself included) found as an excellent companion to the Hollywood Collectors Gallery Terminator 2 Head - more here Though limited in numbers (1000?) they are still relatively easy to pick up so if you're looking for one then EBay's a good bet.

As with all the Sideshow items its a weighty collectible, weighing at around 7lbs. It doesn't make any sound but instead lights up care of a number of blue LED's scattered around its front, side eyes etc. It has a pulsing display on either side of the head which does look rather nice in the corner of one's room. Only don't forget to set it to "auto", rather than "on" or you'll be replacing its three 9v batteries the next day!

Above and below, the front plaque looks very similar to the Hollywood Collectible's Terminator 2 Endoskull suggesting "they were meant for each other". Not sure if HC and SC are connected at all?

Below a close up showing the lighting mid-pulse. Seriously, it looks good.

Below, here's a shot of the Hollywood Collectors Gallery T2 Endoskull - more here


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