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Terminator 2 Endoskeleton

Three years back Sideshow Collectibles acquired the license to produce a number of life-size items from the Terminator movies including initially the T3 Endoskull, and more recently the jaw-dropping life-size Terminator 2 Endoskeleton, and Terminator 2 arm. I'm not sure why they didn't manage to secure the T2 Endoskull which has been produced on a number of occasions, but most well known where the XSF/Timeless, Icons and Hollywood Collectables version (the latter in a separate page). As with the Aliens head above, Sideshow are working with Stan Winston Studios with some excellent results.....


So here's the incredibly impressive full-size T2 Endoskeleton which is just the sort of this that no disrespecting rock star could possibly do without, guarding his front porch.

Looks like this guy outside the T2-3D Ride at Universal in LA has been through the wars himself, since the abdomen's come away and he's had a fair few knocks by all accounts!

Blessed with the appearance of having been forged out of solid steel it stands around six and a half feet high, balanced on this base of WW3 debris and human skulls. Now if we could only find a way to animate the sucker so it could point his gun as passers by..........

I photographed this particular one at Universal Studio's in Hollywood where he awaits the public near James Cameron's excellent T2-3D show. In the background you can see a replica of one of the hover killer droids from the movie (a bespoke product made for Universal)

I took the photo below at Comic Con and unfortunately the flash doesn't do the Chromed figure any favours. However it suggests there is some articulation in the arms, both the shoulders and elbow which is good.

These retail at $6,000 and ship out in a number of really big crates - as Kevin found out below...

Now that has to be a nice sight to greet you as you return home from a hard day's work! Apparently it weighs a ton (not actually a ton but you get the point)

Above the head and chest section is well packed in advance of its 5,000 mile trip from Sideshow's HQ to the UK. Below, not sure what Her Majesties Customs would have thought of this had they opened the box!

Cut to a few hours later and here it is in all its glory - Absolutely awesome!

Below a close up of the head, neck and chest area..

and the all important Skull.....

For those of you who like a comparison - here's a comparison of the skulls from the Sideshow Lifesize and the head produced by Hollywood Collectibles.

I'd like to do something similar with the Icons T2 Head, so if anyone out there can take some nice pics please LMK.

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