Cyberman Comparisons -
Original Vs Millennium FX

Well thanks to Neill, Lisa and Paul at Millennium FX I was able to carry out the following photo comparison between an original screen-used Cyberman Helmet, and the new replicas made from Millennium FX.

Now the reality is that the MFX "Replicas" are almost exactly the same as the originals since theyre made from the same mould, by the same people, using the same materials, etc. etc. I could go on but you get the point.

However, since pictures speak louder than words........

In all of these pics, the REPLICA is LEFT, the ORIGINAL is RIGHT.

As you can see from these photos, there is no "physical" difference between the original and replica and tbh I wasn't expecting to see any since the moulds are the same, but its still great to see an exact 1:1 structural match.

Colour and finish wise there is a slight difference, although we need to remember that we are dealing with an original screen-used helmet that's been used in both Cyberman stories in series 2. Specifically this helmet was the "crying" helmet where you see an oil tear dripping from the left eye of the cyber Yvonne Hartman. - more of this later.

The composition of the resin the helmet is manufactured from is exactly the same, the same quantity of Aluminium powder to resin, the same physical mould etc. However as detailed elsewhere the originals were polished with "Zeebo" black fireplace grate cleaner, which replaces the blue hue with a more silver look - although bear in mind the black comes off on the hands etc.

I think I'm going to give this "Zeebo" a go since I like the look of it. Otherwise, apart from a bit of wear-and-tear from on-set use they're the same

As with the originals all the parts are cold cast Aluminium, apart from the pipes which are off the shelf aluminium piping (the corners though were made by Millennium)

Above a birds eye view.

Next a black and white close up of the eyes which reinforces the fact that these helmets are essentially the same, although the replica isn't wearable "off the shelf" and required a little work - more of this later.

Next up a couple of shots of the original helmet

...and specifically the left eye. If you look close at the tear itself you can see the tear duct which connects to a tube on the inside allowing a tiny dribble of oil to be pumped through.

So away from the outside, the clear differences between the originals and Replicas is that the originals were made to be worn (duh!). The replicas were not as this was due to a number of issues, including licensing. However there's nothing from the construction of the replicas that stops people from making it into a fully wearable costuming piece
Looking at the inside of the original, apart from the addition of foam pads to make them a little more comfortable to wear, the only real difference is the tabs that make the front and back sections lock together - along with the upturned "L" shaped clip in the back part that clips into the top of the front section. I'll deal with "what you need to do to make the replica wearable" in another section of the site..

Finally a pic of Neill and his creation

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