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Ahhh, Daleks. My first love. I think I must have been 5 or 6 when I first remember seeing Daleks, and it was at the old Flea pit cinema near my home and along with the usual forgettable "Children Film Foundation" shorts featuring a boy with a dragster made of cheese. Then all of a sudden, my life was transformed by seeing Dr Who IN COLOUR in "Dalek - Invasion Earth 2150". Wow, just bloody wow!

Well you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a shot from the movie itself, but it is not. In fact its a section of the fan-made "Trial of Davros", with this part a recreation of part of the original 2150 show/movie.

Above another shot from the fan-film. I dunno what they filmed it in (mini-DV I presume)  but I love the look they've got - very film-like, great lighting.

So here are the three Movie-style Daleks used, with the one on the left owned by Simon G who sent me these great shots. As I'm sure you all know, the Movie style Daleks are based on the Peter Cushing versions used in "Dr Who and the Daleks" and "Dalek Invasion Earth 2150" films, made in the 1960's at a time when Dr Who was rooted to black and white on the BBC.

The key differences between the Movie and TV Daleks (apart from the Technicolor paint schemes) are the heightened skirts to make them look more imposing, the grabber's replacing the infamous sink plungers, larger dome lights and an ability to spray gas (instead of the negative filming shot used on TV).

here's a shot of Simon with his baby, and below some new shots which apparently show Davros and a Dalek attacking his garage!
Simon's Dalek took about 12 months to complete and is made from a variety of materials. The main body shell is made from fiberglass,  with wooden base, support frame and seat. The Dalek breaks down into 4 sections, base / skirt / shoulders / neck & dome.
Dalek detailing is made from a variety of materials including aluminium, mdf , plastic meshing etc, and the claw and weapons are made from aluminium. As with all "proper" Daleks it has a voice modulator powered by a 12v battery which also controls the dome lights which flash on and off in unison with the voice. It also has an illuminated eye, and like the original Movie Daleks is rigged to fire CO2 from its blaster.  Now that is Cool!

New Series Daleks

I took these photos this weekend (9th/10th Dec 06) at the UK National Space Centre where there was a "Dr Who" weekend. Amongst the various props and costumes on show was this, a replica of the new series Dalek made by "This Planet Earth".

This is an official product licensed by Terry Nation/BBC, made at TPE's factory near London. Fabricated from Fiberglass I presume they've taken casts from one of the original new series Daleks in order to make this great replica.

Cast in sections from Fiberglass, its actually a hell of a lot lighter than you would think.

Not sure if it could support someone sitting inside it like the originals, but I hope so. Come o you would just have to have a go - wouldn't you

Finally a shot from the rear. I'll be featuring more shots of this as and when I get them. It'd  be nice to do a full hands-on review. I just need to get my hands on one!
Daleks - I need more pics - please send!

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