Millennium FX
Clockwork Droid mask

Here's another of Millennium FX's replica ( masks, this time the Viennese inspired mask from "The Girl in the Fireplace" worn by the clockwork droids. These masks are produced from the same mould as the originals and are all hand made, hand painted.

Above the mail mask, the hand painted finish on these is really nice and each one is slightly different as the paint finish cracks causing this really nice aged look. Note that I've blacked out the eyes as this one wasn't quite finished.

Above and below a couple of shots of the female mask.

Below a couple of shots of two original screen-used mask's, both Males.

...and a shot for all of you who like to see what these look like from the back! Black material, elastic and velcro!

Below a comparison on the "Replica" (left) and to the right an original screen-used mask.

Same again. The only real difference between the originals and replica are the elastic and velcro strap. Oh and the replica comes with a stand (which could do with a blob of blue tack on the bottom of just to make sure the mask stays put!)

And finally a shot from the show itself. All in all these are excellent collectables since they are effectively exactly the same as the originals and if you're a fan of this particular episode (which imo was one of the best of series 2), the 149 + vat is a very tempting price to pay

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