Other Alien Replicas

Hansing Alien 3 Head

This is an Alien head I've had  for a few years. I believe its been cast from off an original Alien 3 head and was produced by Bruce Hansing in the UK, who worked on the movie.





"The 8th Passenger" - Lifesize

Now this is really cool! Its a full size latex and foam A L I E N in everything but name. formed on a steel armature with poseable, tail its a 7ft 7 inch creation based on the original creature and it looks freaking superb!

The heads made of resin and rigid foam, with transparent dental acrylic lips and a vac-formed dome. Its a bespoke sculpt and therefore the artist interpretation of what he saw on-screen.

When you look at it its even thinner and more wirey than the original design, as even Bolaji Badejo, who played the Alien in the original movie wasn't that thin!

It comes mounted on a wooden base and at $4,000 (plus shipping) is immensely impressive collectable. Finally a nice photograph of it with its creator!