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Terminator 2 Endoskull

I'm not totally sure of the history of this. Apparently a couple of guys managed to acquire the rights from Canal Plus to reproduce the Terminator 2 head and a number of companies including XFS, Timeless and Icons produced very similar looking pieces. Icons went out of business after producing some quite impressive Star Wars licensed pieces including Lightsabers,  studio scale X-wing and Tie ships, and one way or another the license ended up with Hollywood Collectors Gallery who produced the T2 Skull in two formats, Clean and "Battle Damaged". Thanks to PropSculptor for filling in some of the blanks.

This is obviously the clean which sold out far quicker than the battle damaged which to be honest was almost exactly the same save a topical applied paint finish that didn't really look very good. The good news is I understand the paints fairly easy to remove without damaging the chrome
..and below a comparison against the skull fro the full size Sideshow Collectibles Terminator statue.


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