One-off Terminator Statue from T2

This next one would be a cool addition to anyone's prop room. Bjorn at Elm Studios has made this one-off 1:1 statue of Arnold as the Terminator from Terminator 2.

Its taken the guy months of work and its now nearing completion (just small touched like the eyebrows) but apart from that its in great shape. All the resin parts have been silver plated (I presume vacuum metailised) which has given it a great finish.

The lucky new owner (also in Sweden) will be receiving it shortly and I'm sure will be a very happy chappy! Bjorn undertook extensive research and via a number of helpers from the RPF was able top source screen-accurate clothes which he dressed, cut up and splattered with blood!

Its great to see also the detail in the base which really sets it off

...and below a shot showing the chest detail

and finally a close-up of the face, the skin texture is superb.

Conclusion? Utterly awesome! Well done Bjorn!